monday? AGAIN?

was bumming around at home and watching videos and trailers online, check this one out. fright night looks good! definitely want to catch it when it comes out ((:
and real steel looks good too! used to watch so many movies in singapore, but.. not in the US. WHY )): damn it. i need to find someone to watch all these great movies with me
also, doing research on whether i would want to get iphone 5 when it comes out or should i get another blackberry.. this one looks good! ((: any comments anyone?
was talking to yumin and she was saying how she was hospitalized on friday night (after our housewarming) because she was had GERD. something about eating too much fatty food.. and her boyfriend called the ambulance and sent her to the hospital and stayed with her from 2am to 9am! so touched! ((: maybe i should start looking for someone who would do that for me as well..

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