Commonplace Coffee!

went to a new study place today. according to ethan its a “graduate’s secret studying spot”. and damn right it was good. coffee was great. i had the honey and cinnamon latte, new flavor, and as awesome as it sounds. and a cup of small honey and cinnamon latte costs less than 3bucks! i don’t know the exact price!

gonna make the effort to go out when people asked me to now. gotta stop being so anti-social! there are nice places to try out! ((:
you guys should try it

5827 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
(412) 422-0404

Saturday & Sunday

on side note, if you know about singaporean bloggers like xiaxue and bongqiuqiu, do check this out they are talking to a skincare specialist about pigmentation problems. and i actually learnt quite a bit from them. i have freckles from over exposure to the sun during tennis training last time and i cant wait to get rid of them!

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