Is This For Real?!

before i start ranting about my life etc, here is a cool link that you should read. there’s an OPTIMAL time for parole..
or if you’re really bored (which is why you are reading this) try playing this fb game. ((:
on to my life. i called my ex-bf to complain about my life, which he says doesn’t suck that much. he thought it was something more serious when i texted him. and i dont even know why i still talk to him because he dumped me and i was really sad about the entire episode. its just so hard to hate him even when i try. but anyway, on to the real topic. a married man asked me out?! well usually i’ll take that as a compliment, but, seriously.. my life is so amazing. like how many of my friends “almost dated” a married man. but anyway i just told him no. like 5 hours after he asked.. because i am a loser who doesnt dare to reject guys face to face. well i wanted to tell him no right after i left the car but i just didnt know how to. and i wanted to say no because it just ain’t right to date a married man?! even though his wife is dating other guys too.. and my ex was actually right, he was like “you can play with him.. but what if you accidentally fall for him”, which was true. although i did tell my ex no one can hurt me more than he did.
enough of ranting. actually my life doesnt suck. it just sucks to phrase a “no, actually i dont think im comfortable with a no strings attached relationship” nicely. dang, why cant i just meet a good guy. who treats me like a princess. and indulges in me. and fulfills all my other requirements. i just cant wait for that awesome guy to come into my life already.
life is tough. theres a midterm tomorrow and i going to sleep now (yes at 11pm). i have a screwed up lifestyle too. my housemates sleep at 5/6am, and i wake up at 5/6 am.
good night world. hope your day wasnt as bad as mine (well it was good until he explained their marriage to me and hinted at stuff )): ) now i just wish i didnt reject tucker so many times at the start of the semester.. things might have been different.

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