If Only I Were In Singapore

if only i were in singapore, none of these shit would have happened. and i would be able to play Mac’s Monopoly. i know i never win at lucky draws, but.. this looks so fun! )):

i actually thought it was an online game for a while and was happy that i could play something to distract me )); guess i have to go back to
http://sg.churpchurp.com/wannysleepy/share/biore-marshmallow-whip-game to play facebook game. or bejeweled (but im at the top of my friends table now so i dont have motivation to play bejeweled! MUAHAHA)
just watched 2 hours of real housewives of beverly hills. does anyone else watch it? really really want to be like kyle next time. actually her character is just like mine. real, straightforward, and you can really tell whatever we’re thinking because it is all written on our face. ((: and her husband is so sweet and her family is GREAT. ((: i will give up everything to have a great husband and an awesome family. which is weird because the feeling i give others is a career-minded woman. i am. but i would sacrifice career for family anytime. maybe im just brought up that way. my mum is so awesome. she did such a great job bringing up my brother and i. <33
anyway, shall do a post on our west coast trip soon. after finishing Econs hw, Stats hw, Accounting hw and studying for Stats and Diffeq exams. work is never ending! probably gonna bake over the weekend! ((: baking is always a stress reliever. ((:

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