Its the CMU Singapore Student’s Association’s food festival tasting session today ((: so we got to try a lot of singaporean food ((: yums!

This is pulut hitam! ((: which is black glutinous rice that my house made. its really easy to make it, we followed this recipe
you can probably cut down on the sugar though.
Ruthika’s house made milo & teh tarik ice cream. its AWESOME. hope that my house will get an ice cream machine too, although its really cheap to buy ice cream in america, ben n jerry’s cost less than 5 bucks here! and we just bought starbucks ice cream for less than 5 bucks too. did anyone else knows that theres starbucks ice cream?! i didnt!

This is marinated pork. not as good as my granny’s but thats all you can ask for when you’re more than a thousand miles away )):


Really awesome portugese egg tart by DENISE! ((:

had brownies at john’s late last night too. wanted to sleep early and wake up early to do work (and be a typical asian) but am glad i went to john’s yesterday. it was awesome with the rest of them, talking and doing stupid things ((; really glad i found a group of friends that isnt like the rest of the singaporeans ((: people that i can actually party with. on side note, slept at like 2am last night and died this morning. worst thing is, tucker texted me at 245 )): and i didnt realize until today. damn, why do i always miss his texts! >< and he didnt reply me the entire day. boohoo.

time to skype parents and probably do some work before sleeping. although its most likely to be videos before sleeping. (but tucker just replied, so maybe tonight will be fun too). if he asks me out to watch or life will be even more awesome!

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