Gossip girl is out! ((:

im a sucker for hot guys and girls. awwww… arent nate and serene SOOO hot?! they should just get together, im sure they’ll make the cutest hottest baby in the world! stayed up till 1am to finish watching it.
watch gossip girl for free online! ((:
gonna start living from monday to monday again ((: well at least im looking forward to mondays now. and fridays/thursdays when nikita is out ((:
on side note, kate spade FLASH SALE! up to 75% off ((:
and the tommy hilfiger 40% off sale looks good too. wanna buy stuff by the 8bucks shipping is putting me off http://usa.tommy.com/tommy/?cid=aff:gan
Differential equation midterms tomorrow. gonna hurry off to study now.

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