its not confirmed yet, but im probably going over to LONDON for thanksgiving!!

LONDON = CHARM + gorgor + good food + PARTAAY! ((:
charm should be honoured i put her first ((: AWESOME POSUM! CANT WAIT ALREADY! if only theres enough time to head over to milan and paris…
dad says hes doing too many long distance flights during this period and doesnt want to fly over to london again to meet me )): my family will be in london next week but there just not enough time to fly over to meet them )): too much work! UGHS cmu )):

im sure thats not the only photo we got over summer )): but its alright, we’ll take more over thanksgiving!! ((: but that also means i’ll be missing black friday sales )):
btw really need to control my spending. i’ve been spending on my debit card, but i feel so sad when i see the amount dwindle so i returned to using my credit card. I SUCK I KNOW )):

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