do i really eat so much?

told weechuan to help me print something for class later, and then he calls

wc :eh is your document urgent? i forgot and im on my way home already
me: oh nevermind lah, i’ll print myself later.
wc: are you sure? (he always doubts it when im nice because he thinks girls always lie and they always mean the opposite)
me: yea i have class later, anyway you can make me A waffle when you cook lunch later
wc: one?! are you sure not 2?!
me: yea one..
wc: ARE YOU SURE?! YOURE EATING 1 WAFFLE FOR LUNCH?!?! or is that your dessert
me: thats my dessert ><
wc: oh i thought so too.
need to lose weight + learn more make up skills. has so many photos of “ugly” girls turn pretty girls just by make up. think i need that.
Anyway, this is a video by OLAY on how to get your skin to glow from inside out to further bring out the glow in your face!

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