JUST GOT MORE PACKAGES. new miss sixty bracelet/watch + asos!
couldnt wait to try on whatever i bought, gonna return one because im too fat )): and i got a red skirt, nude pussy bow top and tailored high waist pants!
took photos of myself in the nude pussy bow top + high waist pants because i thought they looked good 😛 slightly ego today ((:

awww! but dont know if i’ll get to wear them here. (the high waist pants are too long so i have to wear heels with them and the guys i hang out with here are kinda vertically challenged. )): damn it!)
on side note, i think im going back to singapore over winter break ((: plus a taiwan trip with shui!! <33 dont think i wanna meet my parents in korea/china/anywhere in asia. this is the problem when you’ve been to everywhere possible in asia and your parents are too lazy to fly out to meet you )): but my parents are so awesome ((: i keep saying that its soo expensive to holiday with friends (depending on which group of friends you travel with) and my mum just tells me all the time to do whatever i like and that she’ll pay for everything ((: they’re the best parents i could ask for, even though i dont tell them that :p
and im sure i’ve mentioned a few posts back that i dont want to go back to singapore )): i think deep down i think that going back to singapore means that im a loner who doesnt have friends to travel with, but i thought about it, and realized so many friends around me actually want to fly back home but cannot afford to )): and my parents are so nice to tell me that i can do whatever i want over winter break! although my mum did guilt trip me “soo, you came back last winter purely for your bf? so now you dont have a bf you dont have to come back and visit your parents?” how can i not fly back for her right..
so i’ve decided to fly back to singapore then to taiwan with shui ((: i can do europe and everywhere else another time (really want to do africa + south america but nobody seems to want to do those places). kinda regretting flying to london over thanksgiving. not like i’ve not been to london, and im spending more than 1k just to visit friends?! tsk. gotta be a nice daughter to my awesome parents ((: and earn loads of money next time to spend on them too!

shhh.. its the secret

i think i’ve talked about the secret a few times on here before. but its seriously the best thing that has happened to me so far ((: although im sure a lot of wonderful things are on their way to me ((:

you guys need to read this http://thesecret.tv/stories/
every time im sad, i’ll be on it. every time i need some motivation to be my happy self again, i’ll be reading the stories there.
i’ve received so many awesome stuff. i’ve started being grateful for everything. i’ve started to help my friends feel better with the secret. this is awesome. read it and tell me how it has changed your life. its truly worth the 38bucks if you’re from singapore, and 10bucks if you’re from the US (get it from amazon, i dont know why the price difference)
write up a list of what you’re grateful for. and what you want to achieve. and visualize that you already have them. feel the excitement, the happiness and be grateful that they’ve come into your life ((:
leilockheart everything except the money bit. i just think money should be earned rather than given.
got them from charmiemie’s blog. http://chxrmed.tumblr.com


LOVE MID SEM BREAK ((: we had hell loads of fun on friday night celebrating mei, ruthika and boya’s birthday <33 i probably finished all my shows this week! + we went to the apple farm! ((:

APPLE PICKING! ((: its called simmon’s farm just outside of pittsburgh. got enough apples to last us for the rest of the semester. gonna make BASI (some chinese dessert that i found in china, since mei really likes it as well we might just make it tomorrow for dinner!)

me, liyenn and ruthika!
and.. am i a loser or what. im such a bad host! got john, cheul and kokwei over for dinner yesterday, and then had to kick one guy out because leaguing is like 5 a team (luckily sol had “work” – his gf from hell and couldnt play!) and omg, i fell asleep in between games while lying on my bed (and i dont know if i snored because we leagued till 3am last night, and woke up at 9am for apple picking )): ). and all of them were still in my/weechuan’s room leaguing while i slept! such a bad host! )): so embarrassed. and john tried to wake me up, and i woke up and fell asleep in like 5sec max )): grr. gotta learn to be a better host next time!


OMG i swear its so difficult to do a photo post on blogger >< but here it is
my bintan trip with shui and charm! ((:
we stayed in Angsana Bintan! ((: shui booked everything for us. so yay shui for being so nice to organize everything <33 and charm and i are such asses, we went in and started lying down on the nice beds, and shui took the lousy additional bed (we realized that shui always takes the lousy bed.. like even during sleepovers! sooo nice! )

this is probably after jetski-ing! our jetski-ing was so hilarious, we can do a film of “jetski with 3 bimbos”. so i was complaining about how hot it is and how tanned i was going to be, so the jetski guys gave me their surfer shirt because apparently it blocks the sun out! and then when we went out to jetski, charm suddenly realized that she needs to take a shit! and she couldnt wait till we get back so she jetski-ed to the middle of the sea and did her business! O.o and we were supposed to go snorkeling after that, and i had all the goggles, so shui made me throw one to her, and it dropped into the sea, and we couldnt find it after and had to pay for them )): what jetski trip right?!

dinner in the “city”. the food was cheap but not exactly good..

slacking at hotel lobby with our ipods/ipads/iphones/bbs! technology FTW!

This is the cheapo spa place

and this is at banyan tree’s spa! its awesome! would love to go there again ((:
below are just some photos i stole from shui ((: eating at bayan tree’s restaurant by the beach+slacking at the lobby+suntanning by the pool while reading our books! <33

this is one of my best trips with friends ((: awww. love you guys to bits. wouldnt have survived the past year without you two. <33
made okonomiyaki yesterday for liyenn’s birthday! ((: and i did bake muffins too, just that all the photos are taken using BB’s lousy camera. definitely hoping that the new BBs have better cameras. ((:
LOOK AT THIS! (actually we went for japanese cooking club gathering and made this with help)


had an awesome weekend too! had chicken rice by weechuan on friday night then off to john’s to get crazy ((: kinda glad that john didnt stay in the “singaporean house” as they call it. met so many more awesome friends thanks to him (not saying that the singaporeans arent awesome, they’re just not as fun-loving)
going costco for grocery shopping later. does anyone else love grocery shopping or is it just me. when i was still with jason, i was soooo happy whenever we went grocery shopping, i felt like the happiest person on earth and i felt like we were a married couple. haha those were the days. but seriously, grocery shopping anyone?! like i just love any kind of shopping, you can put me in a watsons (or rite aid for US) and i can spend an hour there looking at every product! maybe im just weird.
joke of the day
so, solomon taught mei (chinese) the word slutty (apparently), and knowing solomon, he must have explained it in a very serious manner. so mei, thinking that slutty is a proper word, turned in a history essay “qin shi huang is the bastard son of a sluttish queen” DIED FROM LAUGHING! btw, the history professor circled the world “sluttish” ten times and wrote there “improper word choice”