I Am Weak

I know we’ve been apart for almost a year now, but i still feel the pain whenever i hear songs like this. definitely my all time favorite. doesnt this just bring memories to all broken hearts?

just read athena’s blog, and i guess i always had the impression that athena is such a strong girl, and such a great friend. she was so nice about everything when i just broke up. i remember those times in american club that we just happen to meet there and she was still with dy. and she’ll bitch with me about hs, and how she scolded him for breaking my heart. even though we werent close, but her doing that for me is just so touching!

she posted this video on her blog as well.. and it made me realize that i dont have to put up the facade that i am strong. in this space, where no one reads at all, i can be weak. i am weak. i still call jason sometimes when i miss him. im quite sure that i dont love him anymore, but i just miss him. maybe i just miss the company of someone who knows me so well. someone who treats me well.

this is another song that makes me tear whenever i hear it.
谁还记得 是谁先说 


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