i think i try to overwork myself all the time.. if 54 units is ok, i’ll take 58, if 58units is alright, i’ll take 66 (one unit translates to one hour a week, so if i take 66units worth of courses im supposed to dedicate 66hours a week to studying, which means 11 hours a day, 7 days a week). im constantly pushing myself to do more, to achieve better results. decided to give myself a mini break this week. to do less work (since there isnt any mid terms this week anyway) and to relax more.
so over the weekend, we watched death note 1 & 2 ((: watched death note 1 in school because there was international film festival, and kevin kindly torrented death note 2 for us ((:
it was so cold over the weekend we were freezing and wrapping ourselves in fleece blankets while watching the movie! love my house ((: we’re so fun loving we get drunk and start singing during weekends. shall post a video of the drunk guys singing another day

ruthika and i also went to the zoo with the freshies over the weekend! nicky, linky and hanna. haha it was really random. nicky just asked me if i wanted to go to the zoo with them at 3am friday night, guess he just didnt want to intrude on linky and hanna’s date! and ruthika and i actually had a date to go eat crepes (theres a very nice crepe place along craig street) and then to watch movies downtown, but we decided to go to the zoo since we havent been there anyway. it was a really long bus ride and walk because our dear freshies didnt know that they have to book the car wayyy beforehand! tsk tsk tsk. shant bore you guys with animal photos. this is probably the cutest one! ((:
and we felt like that anyway. COLD! it was like 8degree Celsius max the entire day. and it was raining too )): oh well, i guess the Singapore zoo is better (though i havent been there for a really long time too)
weechuan’s dad was also staying with us over the weekend, so we had really good food on saturday, sunday and today! gained so much weight just these 3 days i swear. the food was AWESOME. and he gave us the recipe. anyone from NTU mechanical engineering and know a professor TOR?! haha, i wonder if his lectures are boring.. oops! he sounds rather monotonic. but oh well, hes a GREAT COOK even if he might not be a good prof ((:
gonna start searching websites for new gossip girl videos! im such a GG addict )):

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