Check This Out!

Omg, found this online shopping site dedicated to Singapore. Cool much! they even have DAWN YEOH as their model (so yea they are probably very credible)

They have clothes, gifts, books, dvd & blu rays and even GAMES?! impressed! arent you impressed. check out the link.
wanted to copy and paste a few of the pieces that i thought were nice but i couldnt. anyway, prices are very reasonable (cheaper than ASOS). i guess thats what most of us buy from in singapore since i particularly dont trust blogshops.

Jipaban is an online shopping mall with social networking elements that is changing the face of web-based retail.

It brings together the convenience of online shopping and the social facet of retail shopping to enhance the experience for both shoppers and retailers.

Since its launch on the 10th of May 2010, Jipaban has attracted more than 15,000 registered shoppers as well as over 81 retailers and continues to do so.

Jipaban’s anchor tenants are BonitoChico, Ohmymuffins,Ohsofickle, Access-ed and SingtelShop.


Other good deals i found (really shopping too much ><)
  • offer on philosophy! $15 off orders of $65 or more. promotional code “october15off”
  • shopbob up to 70% off (there’s free international 3-day shipping with orders of more than $100)

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