feel like an adult for real now. just booked my flight to london! ((: flying around without parent’s permission feels so different ((: although theoretically im still using their money )): ooops!
leaving on 22nd, and reaching on the 23rd! ((: and maybe charm and i will be heading to PARISSS! ((: how awesome is that. argh, now im just fretting over my winter break trip. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME THAT YOU WANT TO TRAVEL AS WELL AND WE CAN TRAVEL TOGETHER! urgh, wanna go soooo many places. trying to get jason to fly over to america so that we can do san fran and maybe canada (but canada is probably too cold for him).. told him that taiwan is fine too. thats how desperate i am for a travel buddy!
sigh.. shall stop travelling to places that i’ve already been to )): and in actual fact i like milan more than paris (maybe im weird) or actually i just like the brands from italy more. love my bottega and ferragamo. ((: hopefully the exchange rate will be much lower. maybe i’ll splurge on a loewe while in europe! TEHE so excited thinking about SHOPPING and GOOD FOOD!
oh yea, maybe i’ll go on the LONDON EYE, since the last time i went there was when i was 15, and with a group of friends, and they dont let children under 15 go up the london eye without parental supervision. like hello, we’re 15 )):
PARISS! the last time i went was in april 2010. probably not too different now ((: hopefully charm has nice places in mind to bring me to in paris. wouldnt mind champ elysee though! love walking down champ elysee and people watch-ing in the cafe
hope i dont get tempted by this along the way. i know i promised myself since i was 15 to buy a loewe with my first pay. and since then i’ve bought bottegas, ferragamos, miumiu but not a loewe )): BUT! i think charm is planning a lot of good food on the trip, so probably no spare cash to splurge on a bag. THAT IS if my stocks dont gain by then. hopefully it will!
OMGOMGOMG just talking to myself and getting high now! HAHA!
on side note, so so grateful of my parents and my life ((: its so awesome! if you’re just a sad pessimistic person, read THE SECRET by RHONDA BRYNE. you’ll learn to become like me. i mean a more OPTIMISTIC person, more grateful of things around you ((:
AWESOME POSUM! now, on to planning for winter break. my advertisement for a travel buddy is still on. ((: come ask me! ((:

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