i swear im a guy living a female’s body )):

played League of Legends with the guys in my house the entire weekend, and forgot all about homework and midterms )): damn..
and the clothes i bought from ASOS arrived! wanted to take pictures of me in them and then i decided that im too fat. i need to go back to my lifestyle 3 years ago, where i could eat everything i want and still not get fat because tennis training was just too intense )): oh well, but i guess i still eat a lot compared to most girls. i still remember how on the UK/wales trip, charm and i were the “scavengers” of our group and we keep finishing our food + the leftovers of others. those were the good times when fats seem too burn off by themselves..
and my LAKSA is here! my cousin brought it over to NY and shipped it over to me. <33
this is the one im talking about. YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS IF YOURE GOING OVERSEAS. its awesome! my parents shipped an entire BOX of this laksa to me ((: aww so touched! heh. and i got lots of coffee + hainanese chicken rice too!
this weekend is passing WAYYYY too fast!

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