life is good ((:

everytime i feel sad or just unsatisfied about life i just think about how fortunate i am already.
create a list about what you’re grateful for. i have family, friends, material comfort etc in mine. im sure you have awesome parents and friends too.
stop thinking how unfair life is to you. you may have failed to get an A (i know.. we’re A-sians for a reason), you may have been scolded for something you didnt do, or your friend may have just backstabbed you. but life is so great.
i remember how i would walk from from my place to the bus stop and just look at the sky and think “omg life is awesome”.. i love the sky. i appreciate every little thing around me (just not the insects)
try reading this website, and maybe buy the book ((: life is so much better with secret . if you think that i really like you as a friend, tell me that you like the book and i may just bring it back for you as a gift. i brought 5 books back for my friends last christmas! its like 36bucks in singapore and its 10 over here! ((:

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