dont you just feel awesome when you dress up?! dressed up for school today! ok, wearing a summer dress is probably not considered dressing up, but when you see what i wear to school on normal days (tshirt and shorts) a summer dress is probably considered dressing up! felt so awesome and happy for no reason just because i made the effort to dress a lil bit nicer.

watched keeping up with the kardashians the entire day yesterday plus today.
if you dont watch it, they are kim, khloe, kourtney kardashian respectively. the one on the extreme right is their mum. i’ve always heard about kim kardashian and how curvaceous she is, but on the show she has a flat stomach! how is that possible! like when i look at the photos, i actually think that they’re all quite big, but she has a flat stomach! urgh, jealolus )):
doesnt she look awesome?! actually i think her younger step sister is really pretty
kendall jenner. JEALOUS MUCH! and shes only 15. )): more inspiration for my diet.. told bryden about her and now hes salivating over her!
gonna start doing work so that i can watch gossip girl later! ciao! hopefully these photos (ok maybe only the last one since kim kardashian isnt that skinny actually) gave you motivation to lose weight too.

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