Pu-er Tea

my dad always told me that pu-er tea helps burn fats so he always orders pu-erh tea during chinese dinners. bought 100packets of pu-erh tea when i was in california, and am almost 1/3 done! anyway, i checked online just in case my dad was lying to me, and to check for any side effects of pu-er tea. apparently you might get fluoride poisoning if you buy low grade pu-er tea. hopefully hte ones i bought arent low grade )): and the last time i bought 100packets of tea was green tea. and the side effects were dehydration and diarrhea if im not wrong. so i guess pu-er is better. as long as you avoid low grade ones.

got my information from here.. seems like a good enough website! ((:

by the by, im awake late at night these few nights and was blaming coffee, but now i realized pu-er contains caffeine too, although apparently it contains less, but this might be why im forever awake at 12am (something that doesnt happen to me very often)
anyway, are we too dependent on technology?! i guess my professors have never seen me so attentive in class until wednesday. because BBM+WHATSAPP+EMAILS died! i swear i almost died myself. how did we live in the past. and it sucks because more than half my friends are in UK/SG )): way too dependent on technology. maybe i shall go back to using army phones. not. love my bb to death. even when it malfunctions. i swear the ones with the new OS will be better! although im not gonna invest in RIM’s stocks any time soon…

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