made okonomiyaki yesterday for liyenn’s birthday! ((: and i did bake muffins too, just that all the photos are taken using BB’s lousy camera. definitely hoping that the new BBs have better cameras. ((:
LOOK AT THIS! (actually we went for japanese cooking club gathering and made this with help)


had an awesome weekend too! had chicken rice by weechuan on friday night then off to john’s to get crazy ((: kinda glad that john didnt stay in the “singaporean house” as they call it. met so many more awesome friends thanks to him (not saying that the singaporeans arent awesome, they’re just not as fun-loving)
going costco for grocery shopping later. does anyone else love grocery shopping or is it just me. when i was still with jason, i was soooo happy whenever we went grocery shopping, i felt like the happiest person on earth and i felt like we were a married couple. haha those were the days. but seriously, grocery shopping anyone?! like i just love any kind of shopping, you can put me in a watsons (or rite aid for US) and i can spend an hour there looking at every product! maybe im just weird.
joke of the day
so, solomon taught mei (chinese) the word slutty (apparently), and knowing solomon, he must have explained it in a very serious manner. so mei, thinking that slutty is a proper word, turned in a history essay “qin shi huang is the bastard son of a sluttish queen” DIED FROM LAUGHING! btw, the history professor circled the world “sluttish” ten times and wrote there “improper word choice”

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