OMG i swear its so difficult to do a photo post on blogger >< but here it is
my bintan trip with shui and charm! ((:
we stayed in Angsana Bintan! ((: shui booked everything for us. so yay shui for being so nice to organize everything <33 and charm and i are such asses, we went in and started lying down on the nice beds, and shui took the lousy additional bed (we realized that shui always takes the lousy bed.. like even during sleepovers! sooo nice! )

this is probably after jetski-ing! our jetski-ing was so hilarious, we can do a film of “jetski with 3 bimbos”. so i was complaining about how hot it is and how tanned i was going to be, so the jetski guys gave me their surfer shirt because apparently it blocks the sun out! and then when we went out to jetski, charm suddenly realized that she needs to take a shit! and she couldnt wait till we get back so she jetski-ed to the middle of the sea and did her business! O.o and we were supposed to go snorkeling after that, and i had all the goggles, so shui made me throw one to her, and it dropped into the sea, and we couldnt find it after and had to pay for them )): what jetski trip right?!

dinner in the “city”. the food was cheap but not exactly good..

slacking at hotel lobby with our ipods/ipads/iphones/bbs! technology FTW!

This is the cheapo spa place

and this is at banyan tree’s spa! its awesome! would love to go there again ((:
below are just some photos i stole from shui ((: eating at bayan tree’s restaurant by the beach+slacking at the lobby+suntanning by the pool while reading our books! <33

this is one of my best trips with friends ((: awww. love you guys to bits. wouldnt have survived the past year without you two. <33

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