LOVE MID SEM BREAK ((: we had hell loads of fun on friday night celebrating mei, ruthika and boya’s birthday <33 i probably finished all my shows this week! + we went to the apple farm! ((:

APPLE PICKING! ((: its called simmon’s farm just outside of pittsburgh. got enough apples to last us for the rest of the semester. gonna make BASI (some chinese dessert that i found in china, since mei really likes it as well we might just make it tomorrow for dinner!)

me, liyenn and ruthika!
and.. am i a loser or what. im such a bad host! got john, cheul and kokwei over for dinner yesterday, and then had to kick one guy out because leaguing is like 5 a team (luckily sol had “work” – his gf from hell and couldnt play!) and omg, i fell asleep in between games while lying on my bed (and i dont know if i snored because we leagued till 3am last night, and woke up at 9am for apple picking )): ). and all of them were still in my/weechuan’s room leaguing while i slept! such a bad host! )): so embarrassed. and john tried to wake me up, and i woke up and fell asleep in like 5sec max )): grr. gotta learn to be a better host next time!

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