shhh.. its the secret

i think i’ve talked about the secret a few times on here before. but its seriously the best thing that has happened to me so far ((: although im sure a lot of wonderful things are on their way to me ((:

you guys need to read this
every time im sad, i’ll be on it. every time i need some motivation to be my happy self again, i’ll be reading the stories there.
i’ve received so many awesome stuff. i’ve started being grateful for everything. i’ve started to help my friends feel better with the secret. this is awesome. read it and tell me how it has changed your life. its truly worth the 38bucks if you’re from singapore, and 10bucks if you’re from the US (get it from amazon, i dont know why the price difference)
write up a list of what you’re grateful for. and what you want to achieve. and visualize that you already have them. feel the excitement, the happiness and be grateful that they’ve come into your life ((:
leilockheart everything except the money bit. i just think money should be earned rather than given.
got them from charmiemie’s blog.

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