JUST GOT MORE PACKAGES. new miss sixty bracelet/watch + asos!
couldnt wait to try on whatever i bought, gonna return one because im too fat )): and i got a red skirt, nude pussy bow top and tailored high waist pants!
took photos of myself in the nude pussy bow top + high waist pants because i thought they looked good đŸ˜› slightly ego today ((:

awww! but dont know if i’ll get to wear them here. (the high waist pants are too long so i have to wear heels with them and the guys i hang out with here are kinda vertically challenged. )): damn it!)
on side note, i think im going back to singapore over winter break ((: plus a taiwan trip with shui!! <33 dont think i wanna meet my parents in korea/china/anywhere in asia. this is the problem when you’ve been to everywhere possible in asia and your parents are too lazy to fly out to meet you )): but my parents are so awesome ((: i keep saying that its soo expensive to holiday with friends (depending on which group of friends you travel with) and my mum just tells me all the time to do whatever i like and that she’ll pay for everything ((: they’re the best parents i could ask for, even though i dont tell them that :p
and im sure i’ve mentioned a few posts back that i dont want to go back to singapore )): i think deep down i think that going back to singapore means that im a loner who doesnt have friends to travel with, but i thought about it, and realized so many friends around me actually want to fly back home but cannot afford to )): and my parents are so nice to tell me that i can do whatever i want over winter break! although my mum did guilt trip me “soo, you came back last winter purely for your bf? so now you dont have a bf you dont have to come back and visit your parents?” how can i not fly back for her right..
so i’ve decided to fly back to singapore then to taiwan with shui ((: i can do europe and everywhere else another time (really want to do africa + south america but nobody seems to want to do those places). kinda regretting flying to london over thanksgiving. not like i’ve not been to london, and im spending more than 1k just to visit friends?! tsk. gotta be a nice daughter to my awesome parents ((: and earn loads of money next time to spend on them too!

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