omg, this is why i let my bf do anything he wants with other girls but not china chinese girls ><

wth! now ahem gets caught in her bed, and wants me and kevin to not say anything to others and his girlfriend (i take it that no one who reads this blog knows this person im talking about) omg its just retarded. and funny that it happens that theres an electrical surge today and i was half awake by then so i went down to look of guys to get the electricity back on. WTF. and first he tells me not to tell anyone, then apparent she heard it and came up to my room to tell me not to tell anyone. FUCK YOU S, i know i hate your gf but what you’re doing is just so bastard!
well at least thats proof that his gf is STUPID! she feels threatened by singaporean girls but not china chinese. WTF! ok angry post. gonna watch gossip girl now ><

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