so we had a girls day out yesterday (selective invitations of course, you know how i am with group chemistry. i swear i’ll take a lifetime to plan the tabling for my wedding)

so ruthika, denise and i met at our favorite crepe place to have brunch

we had icelandic salmon crepe, mixed vegetables crepe and our favorite NUTELLA AND BANANA CREPE. everyone has to go to this place. it is possibly the nicest cafe/brunch place in pittsburgh

Crepes Parisiennes

and after that we just randomly took a bus to downtown and explored downtown for 2 hours?! well, none of us needed to shop and we were all waiting for black friday anyways. so we just walked randomly to buildings that attracted us, like the WESTIN hotel, some train station that looked really good. and then we decided to go to the strip for the cafes + possibly seafood and groceries.
the strip was so fun when you’re there with the right people. we just walked into random shops and looked at baking stuff, different spices, some chocolate shop and we found a few places with really cheap groceries too. ((: then we had an early lunch/late dinnerish at the vietnamnese place next to lotus (the asian groceries place). i have no idea what it is called, we just call it then viet place beside lotus and everyone knows!
i swear the fried rice is the best in pittsburgh!
Charboiled pork! AWESOME POSUM, but i think the one we had in las vegas was still better.
then we went to get loads of groceries and seafood – we’re such aunties. we buy groceries on our fun day out )): and its not the end of the story yet. we came home and found weechuan stapling cloth (for real) etc trying to make five stones for an event >< and he took 4 hours to make 3 ugly five stones. >< heres a photo of the girls’ five stones, and you can click next for the guys’ ugly ones
Had so much fun yesterday. and it was a good break from studying, which means i should get to it now ((:

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