didnt know that people actually read this! gotta be careful of what i say about friends around me now ((:

tehe since you’re my friends then help me click on the links below so that i can earn $$ ((:
http://sg.churpchurp.com/wannysleepy/share/churpinvite-sg/ – click this to create an account as well so that you can earn $$ along with me ((: you get 20cents SGD for every person who clicks your link. you can post your links on either facebook, twitter or any other social media
http://sg.churpchurp.com/wannysleepy/share/olay360finalepisode/ – click this to watch olay360 video (the cleanser is quite good i use it myself)
http://sg.churpchurp.com/wannysleepy/share/bkwayofchicken/ – click here to play a game. you might win ipad2 if you have the top few scores!
http://sg.churpchurp.com/wannysleepy/share/mastercard1/ – click this to check out the deal. be the first 1600 to spend >$500 internationally (ITS BLACK FRIDAY SALES IN THE STATES BTW) on your mastercard and you’ll get a $50 voucher!
AWESOME POSUM. i cant wait to earn more money now ((: haha!
seriously considering a loewe bag when im in spain )): gonna be so broke though
oh damnit, just checked out their website, was gonna show the bag that i’ve been dreaming of for the past 2months but now theres their new arrivals!
doesnt this look freaking awesome! OMG >< and its not that expensive ((:
and this looks freaking awesome too
argh! i wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad.. buy all of the things i never had
or maybe i should buy a new wallet. i bought my old ferragamo wallet in singapore for 700 close to 800, and it was selling for 200 euros when i went to italy >< OMG. should so totally buy it when im there.
ok fine, not that impressed with loewe’s wallet. this was the best i could find ><
and i realized i havent and dont intend to tell my parents about the spain trip with charm! they’re gonna scream if they realize that two girls are gonna explore spain by themselves!
itinerary as of now
wed – charm’s picking me up from the airport. then lunch and camden(?) or some gold mine place with terence. good dinner with charm (i trust her when she says good food) and maybe baking or SKYPE SHUI in sg ((:
thurs – breakfast (with marissa? gotta check with her!) and then lunch with charm and off to SPAIN! going out to check out the night life in spain ((: excited excited!
fri & sat – SPAIN! we listed the places we wanted to go but i dont remember their names ((: oops! i think there was a bar at a hotel that lets you see the whole skyline?
sat night + sunday – YINGJIE! possibly a musical on sat night. and then lunch with yj and my brother for sunday lunch. and off to the airport for me
sounds so packed! and i can only meet so few people)): gotta hit europe again to explore new places ((: i would love to go belgium, croatia, amsterdam ( for you know what) and milan again. and GREECE! ok, dreaming about all the places again. )):
hope your thanksgiving will be as great as mine!! ((:

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