i cant help but say this. MY LIFE IS AWESOME! maybe it can be more awesome if im 10kg skinnier. but im happy and satisfied ((: london is so fun with charm and terence! had lunch with charm, terence, my bro, his gf and my brother’s housemate. ((: good chinese food (good as in not extremely good like imperial treasure/taste paradise standard, but good enough for someone from pittsburgh)

terence has been damn nice! he actually traveled half an hour per journey from charm’s place back to his and back to charm’s apartment again to pass me international adapter! gotta treat him nicer when he goes back to pitt.
spain tmr, seville. will post photos when i get back to pitt! like charm’s wonderful apartment + our cooking and choco-cheesecake muffin ((: no time to lose weight in seville. im sure charm has like good food planned for all three days!
not really that jetlagged but gonna sleep now so that we can spend the entire night partying in seville.

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