went to winter wonderland today. so glad i came to london, even though i spent so much money.

was watching korean drama just now, and thought of him. does watching shows about tortured couples remind you of a particular person too? i know i miss him, but i know i must forget him. thats just how life is. you get over the phase and you know you can survive without him. or rather you know that hes surviving just fine without you. maybe having even more fun without you.
why cant we all find our soulmate and just get on with life after. why must we have sad relationships that make us lose faith in love. he says its because i was too young and im studying overseas and i would have more fun without doing a ldr. fuck you. i know i came up with all kinds of retarded reasons to justify a breakup before, just that yours is even more ridiculous.. you’re like mindfucking me, calling me so often sometimes, and then totally go off radar. just get out of my life already. i just want to find someone who treats me well. why is it so difficult..

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