back in pittsburghhh!

miss my bed and my pillow, and how i wish i can just go to sleep now but theres work to do )): but i have to say that my trip was awesome and i really dont mind it costing a bomb. at least i know my friends are so awesome, giving me a place to stay, being such nice hostesses, and travelling halfway through the entire zone1 of london city to get me an adaptor and toothbrush. aww, you guys are loved! ((:
and i got a message from my parents when i touched down in philly
dad – so did you enjoy your trip?
me – yes it was very fun
dad – did you shop?
me – yea, just a little
dad – haha no worries, there’s probably still thanksgiving sale when you are back
AWWW! my dad telling me to shop?! thats a first ((: love them to bits! they’re so awesome im so stressed now, how to give them enough money so that they can do whatever they want when they’re old too?
my life is so wonderful ((: i wouldnt trade to be anyone else!
so 10 hours later, i end up buying 50bucks worth of f21 (understandable) and 300bucks of skincare on bloomingdales (WTF am i thinking!!!) and another samsonite bag for my dad (im gonna bring like 3 new samsonites back to singapore >< they’re so gonna accuse me of buying those for commercial use) but.. at least im disciplined enough to use my debit instead of credit card! impressed with myself ((: i think i spent much less this year compared to last year.
spent so much time looking for deals online and not concentrating at all! gonna turn my laptop off and start trying to finish up homework. if you’re reading this then maybe you should too! ((:
anyways if you happen to have cravings to shop
f21 sale – alright
AX – nothing impressive
asos – no sizes for asians >< couldnt find anything at all
bloomingdales – awesome for skincare
saksfifthavenue – dont buy skincare from there! bloomingdales better!
VS – the major part of the sale is over )): and they cheated my $$ )):
samsonite – apparently the best deal of the year
lenovo – quite awesome! check out the new X220, tempted but i rather get a macbook air
these are just some websites i checked out during accounting (first time i wished accounting lecture was longer) and just now. if you want to check out more deals, go to if you’re shopping from singapore, use mastercard if you have one. you might be able to win $50 credit! ((:

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