so touched! think my cousins are booking a MBS suite to help me celebrate my 21st! (oh well, its also to have fun themselves but thats good enough for me ((: ) and apparently they asked my mum what to get for me and my mum told them any bag ((: lets see what they get!

and my mum was telling me that daddy asked her if she wants anything from germany, like an lv.. i really dont understand why people use LV as the overarching name for branded bags. its not even that great >< oh well, i’ll probably own one in the future, the big monogram one, just because its huge and can hold so much stuff. but anyways, so i asked my mum if that means i can ask for a bag too, and she said yes! WOOTS! so i asked for this

but my dad just whatsapp-ed that its raining and hes probably not going shopping )): what a bummer. but i think my mum is gonna ask my brother to get it for me! ((: HAPPY!
just got more of my friends to read the secret by rhonda bryne ( i think im a damn good advertiser, i probably got like 80% of my friends to read it already. gonna buy more for christmas gifts ((: i think i really bought about 11 books so far. for real. GO READ IT!

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