with charm @ covent garden! pretty girl!

Laudree with charm. pretty christmas tree behind! with my new coat and new scarf. and i left my scarf on the plane )): im always like that. cant stand myself some times..

Awesome terence who went home to get me toothbrush and universal adapter! and he made me stand behind him so that i’ll look shorter! haha! jkjk ((:

YINGJIE! <33 i still remember how we somehow didnt talk for a year?! and then just suddenly started talking again. WE’RE WEIRD, but when we start talking we ccant stop!

used the pattern from fingerless gloves
my fingerless gloves that i knitted! ikr, they’re so cute! haha self-praise ((: and my wrists are so unbelievably thin! why am i so fat then!? but my diet is working! lost 2-3 kg since london. hopefully i’ll drop another 2 before going back to singapore. then i can really eat all i want ((: and i promised quite a few friends to knit for them already. so if you think that you’re such a nice friend that i’ll actually knit and ship it to your for your christmas, WHATSAPP/BBM me which color you want and maybe you’ll find it in your mailbox! probably end jan though. only coming back to the states in mid jan ((: and you better buy me a nice birthday present though. my 21st is soon )): i’ll be 21st! it used to be my dream to be 21st. but now i feel old. gonna buy myself the mulberry alexa for myself if my mum doesnt get it for me already. i should reward myself. its my 21st! 
back to studying (didnt get much done today. as usual..) and i got seriously pissed off by someone. just had to rant. lol ((:
btw Just make a wish and you might win $1,000 worth of shopping or dining vouchers at

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