new year resolutions

  1. 4.0 GPA (how superficial i know), well, “THERES NO B IN ASIAN” tehe
  2. 52kg (another superficial one), i’ve only been there fleetingly the year before. guess i need the pressure of a bf to lose weight )):
  3. continue being happy ((:                          vinylmemories: And everything that happened this year:) it’s all coming to a beautiful end xxx
  4. skype my parents at least once a week (ikr, i suck as a daughter, sometimes i’ll “forget” to skype them when im having fun)
  5. earn 1000bucks from stocks
  6. read at least 5 financial books (since weihong gave me a long list of financial books to read)
  7. get an awesome internship (like SIG or the more famous banks)
  8. find a job in school
  9. find a local cause to support in pittsburgh
  10. treat my friends nicer (and maybe limit my screaming at wc to keep quiet ><)
  11. stop being so materialistic (limit to 2 bags over 1.5k this year) although i really want a chanel this year >< damn
  12. find a suitable guy ((:
ok, gotta remember what i wrote down and check this post often

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