sometimes i look at other couples, or watch shows, and start wishing that you were by my side. but then i’ll tell myself, that im lucky enough to have you, and we’re good enough just talking to each other over the phone ((:

anyways, my dad just texted me again. which reminds me that i can do a summary of funny anecdotes about him. my dad is so sweet and funny, he texted me on my birthday to wish me and told me i could charge anything i want to the card today, and he said i could buy the bag i wanted (he thought i wanted the mulberry, but that was so last week), and i wanted the chanel bag

so i asked him, 5k is alright? to which he replied “whoa. what happened to the book you read” book referring to rich dad poor dad, cause after reading the book i told my parents that i’ll stop buying bags and start investing my monies! ((: which i did!! i havent bought a bag since apr? my bottega shoulder bag ((: so proud of myself ((:

and talking about investing, managed to get jason interested in investing. gonna make him open a trading account and make him give me his money to invest ((: yay yay. and, back to my dad. he just asked me if my cough is better, and followed it up wtih “is US having a holiday? why no action from dow jones” >< whoa thanks dad, i thought i told you i only had a half day of school today because it was martin luther king day, but obviously he doesnt remember what i tell him. just joking. love my parents a lot! ❤


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