gonna go skiing over the weekend! so excited, but im the only girl again.. CMU needs more girls. they should lower the application entry for girls because its just so freaking unbalanced! and the other singaporean girls here are attached.. >< oops forgot that i am too for a moment, but thing is, no one even enjoys sports etc >< ok maybe im the only werido whos too much like a guy.

but, anyways, i bought this hada labo toner like thing in taiwan, and it has been awesome. sometimes i just pat on the toner and forget (too lazy to) put on moisturizer and all those shit.

Rohto Hadalabo Gokujun Hyaluronic Moisturizing Milky Lotion

just google it. im sure you can find it. they brought it in in watsons in singapore too! its really awesome. one bottle is sold in every 4seconds in japan apparently ((: try it, its my new fave!!

i also bought the tony molly whitening mask thingy (which got banned 1 day after i bought it for using too much hydrogen peroxide) and i use it for my elbows and knees since i dont wanna ruin my face. it has a pretty significant effect just after 10 minutes but still i dont wanna risk it on my face. the lip exfoliation cream is also pretty good since i have pretty ugly and dried up lips )): your own judgement on whether or not to buy the tony molly mask!

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