my stocks are going up up up! yay! at this rate i can strike one more item off my NY resolutions ((: and maybe buy the macbook air with my own money. and the chanel bag. and i can come up with a neverending list of what i want to buy!

just read my zodiac/chinese astrology stuff online. (yea im that random, especially when im supposed to be doing homework) almost everything is correct, but it says horses are commitment-phobic?! i dont think i am. in any case, i rather find someone whom i can live with for the rest of my life. just that this particular someone hasn’t appeared yet. and it says that im fickle especially when it comes to fashion. HAHA. i can never be as fickle as shui, but i guess im fickle enough already. currently in the nice dresses/coat phase instead of the ugly t-shirt and jeans that everyone else in CMU wears. like seriously, they should have some classes on dressing in CMU. or rather, for the CS and engineering majors. even the girls dont put in effort in dressing >< love how solomon says it when i snuck into the engineers’ deans list dinner, that everyone would know that im not an engineer just because i was wearing a dress and heels >< ok digressing.

miss my boy, but whatevs, as long as hes having fun in taiwan.


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