he finally fbmed me! “taiwan is good. dont worry…”
WTF does that mean seriously >< you havent contacted me in 6 days and thats all you say?! )): shui and i decided that I shouldnt tolerate with this. seriously, im sure theres someone else out there whos willing to spend more time and effort on me!

on side note. damn. solomon fucking sia came home with the rest at 2am and made so much noise downstairs that i could hear on the 3rd floor. screamed at him twice, and on the third time i caught him and screamed right into his face. problem is, i slammed my door after that, and this morning i woke up and saw a broken mirror on my door. FML >< and its CNY >< luo di kai hua! hahah! sorry that was the first thing that came to my mind. so pissed with solomon


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