so pissed with myself. why did i go tell other people where i study during my breaks >< why did i forget that i cant study with people. i cant study with noise. DAMNIT! )):

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Cardstore coupon: Greeting card

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best deal ever on dealnews! gonna get a birthday card for J. weechuan is helping me edit the photos ((: so excited!

havent updated this space for a few days because i was too busy having fun ((: although i did work till like 130am last night )):

anyways, im becoming a better AMUMU in LEAGUE OF LEGENDS ((: so proud of myself. up against the stereotype that girls cant play games. but )): i failed terribly at parallel parking when we went to lotus(a chinese supermarket) so yea )): girls cant parallel park. but at least i parallel park better than J. ((:

havent watched nba all stars. gonna do it if i finish revising all my shit ((:

ate a lot this weekend though. had a MCNUGGETS challenge where i ate 20 nuggets. look at this

this is what 11 of us ate )): 20 nuggets each + fries. OMG so sinful )):

all the empty boxes left over )):

BAHHH gonna drag myself to the gym later! ((:

still quite pissed about my stats paper. gonna w% so much this weekend to get this week over and done with. )): that said. dropped 3kg in 3 weeks. tsk, the biggest losers should watch how i lose weight man. i swear i lose more %weight than them every week ><