wth! never knew beckham was doing this! girls, time to buy stuff for your bfs! ((: ok actually, nurul told me once that her friend thinks buying underwear for guys is jinxed. and it happened to me twice, although i did get back with jason, so i dont know if it counts, but i’m never gonna try again. not even for my husband, i’ll make sure i use his credit card? maybe that wouldnt be jinxed then ((: anyway, heres the link

http://tinyurl.com/7f8hu4r go check it out people!! ((:

campaign image

Beckham for H&M

To create the ultimate bodywear collection, it’s all about finding the perfect garment with the perfect detailing, like the most comfortable elastic for a brief, with a label which does not scratch along with seams which do not rub against the body. David and his design team worked with pieces from David’s own wardrobe, incorporating David’s own unique style aesthetic in order to create and build a meaningful bodywear brand from the outset.

There are four underpant styles – briefs, trunks, boxer briefs and woven boxers; three tops – David’s perfect T-shirt, vest and Henley; and then two bodywear styles – pyjama bottoms, and also long johns. Cotton is used throughout, with the right elastane in the briefs, trunks, T-shirt and vest to still have a soft feel. Cotton waffle is used in the Henley and long-john, and a special finish on the 100% cotton pyjamas to ensure they retain their shape. Prices start from S$17.90 for a pair of briefs to S$49.90 for a pair of pyjama bottoms. 


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