doing nothing in the library. again )): shall just look at my NY resolutions ((:

new year resolutions

  1. 4.0 GPA  — on my way. but, this is its a lot harder )):
  2. 52kg — well, staying true to this as well. been to the gym twice this week already! ((: 
  3. continue being happy — yes i am! ((:
  4. skype my parents at least once a week — hmm, i kinda wasnt very nice to them last week because i had a lot of work to do )): shall talk to them long this week
  5. earn 1000bucks from stocks — currently ZILCH )): omg, my jpmorgan stock is doing nothing at all, at least the others rose.
  6. read at least 5 financial books — 1/4 way through the first one!
  7. get an awesome internship — GAHHH, hate myself for not seeing the interviews )): but will still be able to find one right?!
  8. find a job in school — tehe, no progress
  9. find a local cause to support in pittsburgh — this too
  10. treat my friends nicer — nicer to sg friends maybe
  11. stop being so materialistic — i will after i get my chanel. but ruthika is only going paris in summer, which means i wouldnt get my chanel till after summer. this sucks >< i thought she was going during spring. damn..
  12. find a suitable guy — ((: got back together with jason. so i guess this is the only one that has been completed so far ((:


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