i know you said you didnt send anything, but when i got a package i was still hoping it was you. damn it )): shouldnt have gotten my hopes up. now i’m slightly disappointed.

another valentines day that im alone. well pseudo alone. i know im supposed to be enjoying this studying overseas experience but on days like this you just wish you were home with the person you love. dang it.

whatever, my valentine’s day present can be the 5k from my dad. thats probably the best present ever. gonna use it to buy my chanel bag but kinda got bf to agree to buy it for me when i help him make 10% profit on his stocks. so i hope that 10% profit will come soon, so maybe this 5k can go to.. a mulberry?! i’ve been saying that i wanted it since forever but i havent got around to buying it. idk why i didnt get it when i was in london during thanksgiving.

chocolates will be my companion tonight. especially when i have retarded IS lab tonight and cant call him )): okok be positive. absence makes the heart fonder?

at least my diet is working and i cant wait to finish up my contact lenses so that i can buy the ones with the rim so that my eyes look bigger and nicer. superficial much? go on judge me. who doesnt wish that they are slimmer, prettier, just better in general. at least i do something about it.

ok fine. gonna buy something online now to make myself feel better. ((: RETAIL THERAPY FTW ((:


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