helped J analyse this gold investment company that apparently companies in singapore have been investing in (which i think is fake), because if i can tell it is a fraud, they probably shouldnt pay the financial advisers who invest the company’s money in that.

go check that out guys. its so fake?! and like you just google the company name and you realize that the company is listed under MAS investor alert and the directors are getting sued..

seriously, look at this

GENNEVA will honor the Buy-Back Option regardless of fluctuations in gold price. 
The transaction procedure is illustrated in the example below:

Day 1: Purchase 1000 grams of gold bullion at Market Price ($75/gram) with 1.5% discount*

Day 31-37: Customer exercises Sell-Back Option during the 7 Days Buy-Back Period 

*Remarks : The 1.5% discounts in the above example is for illustration purpose only. Discounts on gold bullion purchases may vary at GENNEVA’s sole discretion.


SCAM SCAM SCAM. this is like telling the old folks that they have to put all their money into the plastic bag and switch that for stones ><

anyway, enough of getting angry at nothing. maybe at J for being so retarded to even ask me if this company is for real. CANT YOU TELL?


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