chanced upon this blog omg, hout bay looks damn nice. (if you dont know where that is, dont worry. i didnt too)

Hout Bay (AfrikaansHoutbaai, from Afrikaans for “Wood Bay”) is the name of a coastal suburb of Cape Town, South Africa with a mix of neighbourhoods from the very rich to the very poor. It lies in a valley on the Atlantic Seaboard of the Cape Peninsula and is twenty kilometres south of the Central Business District of Cape Town. The name Hout Bay can refer to the town, or the bay on which it is situated, or the whole valley.

so inspired now.i want an awesome lover, internship and holiday this summer!!
still remember how J was so nice to call room service when i said i wanted to try out the breakfast in bed hype. how fast time flies, that was my 20th birthday? one year older and i guess i know well enough that he doesnt treasure me enough. hopefully i meet someone who loves me truly soon! ((: i know im 21. but.. dont you just wish you’ll meet the right person and spend more time with him instead of only the 50+ years left in your life. at least you’re still young and dare to try new fun stuff ((;

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