omg. ccr and i have some weird telepathy or something. so i decided randomly today to contact him. but his bbm and whatsapp was down. so i tweeted my friend in sg to ask him to contact me.

then when i came back from school today, ccr fbmed me. and i was like, whoa nigel told you so fast? i thought he should be asleep at 1am.. then he was like, err no, i just decided to ask you how you are. and the last time we talked was on my birthday more than a month ago! whoa, so coincidental.

anyway, we were talking about how hes gonna go uk to study law, and he mentioned someone there. and he said she looked different. and i went to check out her photos. and its like, she got VAINER but FATTER? isnt that just contradictory

HOW CAN SOMEONE WHO IS VAIN BE FAT?! ok im vain and fat, but at least im working out now to get rid of the fats.. omg. ok im in awe. 


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