omg cant believe ben sent kacie b home on the bachelors. i took 1 hour off studying to go watch it and he fucking sends kacie b home. “thats why i dont love” kacie b. guys are all bastards. omg, the chinese proverb says that the ones seeing from the outside gets the clearest view. i really really really thought that ben liked kacie b the most. wth. omg losing trust in guys slowly. fuck. i hope ben ends up with freaking courtney.

guys like the bad girls huh. those that look good and are freaking mean inside. like wth. just because she goes skinny dipping with him thats why he thinks he likes her?! wth. its precisely because of how loose she is thats why he shouldnt choose her right?! wtf )): angry. men==sex-crazed. fucked up world.

why cant you see which girl is the best/most suitable for you. why do you go for fucked up girls who are likely they look pretty. give them 10 years and they’ll look old and haggard too. why cant guys see through the outside and see how good the heart is of the uglier girls.

cant believe i got so angry after watching bachelors. omg. if i were the bachelor, i’ll definitely choose kacie b. but on the other hand. i guess you have to trust your parents to know who to choose.. that said. i think my mum ikes J but thinks i should find someone younger. )): dont know what that means..

anyway. moral of the story — just be pretty and be a mean lousy person because guys dont go past looks anyway. hope ben ends up with courtney. HMPF! and kacie b isnt even ugly. shes so cute. and smart i think?


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