did ok for IS. i guess 80 is alright. **ok fine, its not alright now. the average is 75 >< thought it would be 70 or even 60 )): DAMNIT

 dont have too high expectations of myself. but think i fucked up stats )): oh well. nothing much i can do now. just gotta work harder. ((: sometimes i wonder how can i be so positive. was on the verge of crying just now.

gotta read secret again. need to visualize my surprise of doing well for stats. haha dont worry, im not that weird yet, im laughing at how i can delude myself so well too ((:

anyways, got this off beatricetan.com
gotta tell J to start saving up so that we can go eat at these places ((:

**screwed up exams, and decided if i cant be smart, at least let me be skinny. skipped dinner today. ((: at least theres something i can control (fuck that sounds like a line i read in the pro ana blog..)

need to look like that SO BAD


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