really didnt want to study, so i went to check out blog. OMG so freaking ah lian >< idk why shes supposedly one of the most popular bloggers in singapore. im not saying that i write very well or anything, just that, shes famous and shes bad at it.. >< maybe you just have to be pretty to be good at it. i very much rather read xiaxue/beatricetan/dawnyang.

nyk’s match at 1! so excited. they havent played since wed.

and, just saying.. i guess i’ve decided to stop hanging on to j. its just not worth it. if he has doubts about us then why must i be the one hanging on telling him (and myself that we’ll work out). im better off looking around for other better guys. ((:

im sorry that im such a pathetic loser who craves love so much. damn it. i dont want brains and i dont want money. i just want someone who loves me like crazy. i dont even think i told my closest friends the things that happened to j when we werent together because they’ll just know what a loser i am to still hang on to him after so much..


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