looking at these photos reminds me to stop being so lazy to dress up. way too lazy to dress up in pitt. and im a super casual dresser anyways. not casual in terms of cmu (cant stand how most people dress over here) but really casual compared to friends in singapore (not singaporean friends in cmu) HAHA i love how i keep demeaning the people here. but admit it. you guys dont put any effort into your clothes.. >< i can count the number of shirts/pants you have. i have a mental catalog for each and every one of you. and 90% of your clothes are what people wouldnt buy in a sale..

look at how simple her clothes are, yet she looks so classy.. thats my goal.

can’t wait for spring

gonna try more colors this year. ((: got a lot of red recently. gonna explore more (:

got all these photos from http://www.thesartorialist.com/
but really, this is what made my day

I think (no, I know) that it really helps the shape of the leg when Uggs are rolled down, cutting the leg in a more narrow part of the calf.
I’ve also found that having a dog that matches your Uggs also helps the overall look!

wtf! so i should go out and get a pair of uggs + a matching dog?! lol! ((:


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