im such a skincare whore even i cant stand myself. i have at least 4 cleansers+exfoliators in my bathroom right now. and i have at least 2 of every toner, moisturizer, face mask, etc )): trying purederm now. its some cheapo brand that i found on ebay because i was so desperate. bought new kose, leaders clinic and shiseido face mask the day before. urgh.. i thought i didnt need to buy anymore skincare products after black friday last year. think i spent 300-500 last black friday on skincare alone )): xiaxue’s blog has this new face mask and now im so tempted to go buy too.

gotta find a way to convince myself that if i stop buying everything i want now, i can save up, invest and buy whatever i want in the future ((: seriously, while my peers (in singapore, no one here is about the same) are buying up balenciaga (so over this ><), celine (hello, i dont get this new trend) and chanels (ok i admit, im so very tempted to get ruthika to help me buy one when she goes to paris), give me 4 years i can buy an hermes with my own money.

i forgot who but someone says im retarded calculating money in bags )): ikr. i shall count in terms of how long i would take to earn it next time.. maybe i’ll spend less )):


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