finally updated photos on my fb. shall post some here too!

this is the view from our hotel

outside the club on the first night! it was a spontaneous decision to club, so i was wearing my maxi dress that i flew in >< and was wearing slippers. so awkward! the entire club was filled with sex-deprived white college kids. and the cmu footballers were there too! one of them tried to dance with me but i pushed him away, that was before he said that he recognized that i was cmu and that he was too. damn, if i knew he was from cmu maybe i would have danced with him.. haha, so elitist? doesnt this remind you of singapore. i remember one friend who has this “i only date raffles, AC and SAS” rule.

on our way to atlantis! see how excited we are!


this is the hotel atlantis. if you’re going to bahamas and you’re willing to spend, you should definitely stay at atlantis. its the center of bahamas, everything is there. but everything is a lil more pricey as well

idk how kevin managed to get a shot of the guy doing stunts on his jetski behind as well. gotta remember to ask weechuan to photoshop away my stomach! )):

the famous view on postcards

snorkelling etc at rose island

fell in love and bought this owl from nassau straw market!((: notice im wearing my owl crop jacket too!

took a photo with the cruise docked at paradise island

kokwei, tim and me!

the guys are asking me to go clean the kitchen with them )): gotta go before they call me a bitch for not helping to clean up!

btw, watched the Beauty and the Beast Trailer urgh, wanna watch the show so much now. and its in 3D!!


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