parents said they’ll ship me my ipad soon ((: tehe. excited. and im gonna get my macbook air when it comes out in may.

was analyzing my spending in bahamas. the singaporeans were so stingy )): as in i know the crowd i was with, and i didn’t expect them to want to go eat nobu (2 of the smu kids did though)): dang, if only i knew and joined them), but seriously, we were in BAHAMAS, and they were complaining that 15bucks a meal was too expensive. dude its a tourist hotspot. what do you expect food to cost? $5??

i seriously think i dont get much more than the other singaporeans here. most of them get 30k a sem as well, but i seem to be able to save much much more than them. like i spend a lot, but not a lot compared to them? idk how and why. as in, i shop so much online, and my trades are paying me that well for me to be able to save so much compared to them. its like, they scrimp and save and its all in vain?! i dont even use my credit card that much. at least i think i haven’t used it at all for this semester.

whatever. gonna stock up on summer clothes and work clothes ((: EXCITING!

im so into leopard preens suddenly

and bright colors that i wouldn’t dare to wear last time

love the look

Foxy Platform - Ivory Crochet

is there a job that involves shopping all day??


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