so.. on thursday i treated my house to green peppers (again, yes i know, i just love that place) because i got the fidelity internship. we kept pestering sol to treat if he got his microsoft internship & kevin to treat if he got his mechE one, so i thought it was only right if i treated.

so just now during lunch, huihan was saying that rg girls are so competitive, so i was like, that i don’t disagree. and solomon fucking sia said “yea, rg girls so competitive, when they get internship they tell everyone and they treat”, and i was like “WTF?!”

like seriously, tell me if that was me being competitive or was it me trying to be nice and generous. >< fidelity isn’t even that great an internship, and why the fuck was that being competitive, if you misunderstand that it was me showing off, then maybe, but how the fuck was that me being competitive. >< wth

anyway i just got 20bucks back from solomon because i told him im gonna take the treat back from him. should have asked for the cents too >< not gonna treat anything anymore.


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